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State-Business Alliances and Economic Development

Entitled as “State-Business Alliances and Economic Development: Turkey, Mexico and North Africa”, my book which came out of Routledge in 2014, examines the politics of market reforms, varying reform alliances between the states and domestic businesses and developmental outcomes, especially focusing on Mexico and Turkey.

Broadly offering an analysis of the transformation of the states as well as the state-society nexus in the context of globalization and regionalization, it explores the evolution, sustainability and the collapse of coordination-inducing institutions. It examines the ways in which collective action capacities of businesses and the state actors have varied across time and different polities, facilitating or hindering the making and sustaining the institutions that would enable coordination.


The book also discusses similar transitions with respect to coalitional and developmental outcomes in North Africa in light of the experiences of the two central cases, namely Mexico and Turkey

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